Detail Descriptions

Clay Bar and Polish


This chaser truck sits in a body shop and was exposed to over spray, clay and polish and was silky and shiny again.

Juice Spray with UV protection


People often wonder if vinyl wrap can be polished. the truth that it cannot be polished by machine. you can protect it with polymers and UV protectors applied 100% by hand.

Wash & Teflon


Some people like their car always shiny. 

2 Sud Foams and a coat of Teflon was applied by hand with a 6 month protection.

Weekly Wash

Black on Black + Arizona = Weekly Wash

Black on Black + Arizona = Weekly Wash

ShowBiz Detail


#Nvr_2_hi this truck wash being prep for the 2019 DUB Show Tour, 26 hrs of detail polished wheels, polished shaft, waxed and protected.

Wash & Away


Its too hot to ride in the summer in Arizona. Client requested to have Harley Detailed before storage.

Never too Big


We handle Semi's or Box trucks  dry van or refeers. From one vehicle to a whole whole fleet.

Family Car


Client was very sad seeing her light leather dirty by her kids. 

Wow they do shine


Clients have not seen their pipes shine since they purchase their car

Headlamp Restoration


Head lamp Restoration is not just polishing. You must apply a coat of UV Coat to protect lense for up to 3 years.

Engine Bay


Washing engines does not mean drop a bottle of dressing. we take our time to detail your engine and make it look like new

Polish Aluminum


Polishing aluminum wheels is not an easy task, but you be the judge.